Welcome to travelcursor  E-commerce, we would like to inform you that through this space we’ll set the terms and conditions that’s your approval about them’s a condition for your registration acceptance, so we hope you’ll read these Terms and conditions and Reviewe them thoroughly.

First, the personal account

The site provides each member a special page for the management of personal account of the personal information, shipping addresses, information Orders and balances rewards, etc., and be responsible for data update and confirm the correctness and accuracy of the Responsibility of the same member, and once you agree to those terms, you are bound by any activity is under the name of this account, so should you protect your personal account of the use by others and protect your password.

Site reserves the right to refuse service, modify or delete data, cancellation of orders, or the entire account.

Second, evaluations and comments and communicate with the site and Members

When We activate the possibility of writing comments on products where members is entitled to and visitors send ratings and comments on the products offered, send comments and inquiries to the site, that Member shall be bound to be comments far from marring or detract From the other members, and to be part of public morals generally accepted.

Bhetwasal welcome members and visitors with site management through the Contact Us page, but not intended to send spam (spam).

Site retains the right to amend or delete non-decent comments, and alert the offending Member or delete his participation.

Third Product Information

Site is committed to be the product information are accurate, complete and up to date. In the case of access to non-conforming product description mentioned in the product Vlledo the right to return the card under the terms of Non-return products is used.

Fourth The Prices of products

Been determined price list of products that are competitive and accessible to all, so that the price appears next to the product is the final price and not taken any other costs such as shipping and delivery calculation, but for our own clients from outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will be shipping cost are calculated according to geographical and weight area during the ordering process, but some products have a fixed value of the shipment, regardless of weight or geographical region.

Site is committed to the declared price, for our clients from outside Saudi Arabia, any customs duties may be imposed on the required item, the customer will be contacted to brief him on the value of the fees, and the customer must either pay or demand return of the Commodi Ty.

Fifth Order/Buy Products

If you encounter any technical problems in the process of ordering products, then you can use annotations illustrations on our pages, or contact us to request assistance.

And You can use the following linkage to mlafh how to complete an application products, “the ordering process.”

-If you’ve registered with us gives you access to a range of services that enable you to track the status of the current TALBT, and review previous orders record, and review the bills, and get rewards points, and much more.

-Banhaik demand as a visitor, you lose your right to get a special page to follow TALBT record, but you will get the alerts on your e-mail when you change the status of the request.

-Must Make sure you contact details correct, such as your e-mail and phone number, so as not to subject your request to cancel.

-to ensure that the product as soon as possible, you must make sure to write the shipping address in the right way.

-When Choosing a method of payment through electronic payment gateways Cal PayPal or CashU, the system will automatically refer you to the gates of the payment process securely, and then complete the payment system will automatically returns you to our website.

-When Choosing a method of payment through electronic payment gateways Cal PayPal or CashU must ensure that the payment billing address title match with a credit card is even talk of any problems during the process of confirming the withdrawal.

-Site shall not credit card data stored, where will the payment process through electronic payment gateways such as PayPal reliable and Perfect Money.

-Site reserves the right to cancel any request contrary to the instructions, or if they are found not to input data validity.

Sixth Return Product Policy

-The customer has the right products returned and replaced during the period of 7 days from the date of receipt, the products should not being included in products that are not allowed to returned or replaced list.

-The customer bears the cost of returned products in the absence of a defect or damage to the product and its conformity with the specifications listed on the site, but in the event of a malfunction or damage to or failure of the product specifications mentioned on the sit E matching the site bears the cost of the return.

At the request of products based on the authenticity of the application and the required specifications, so when you request a replacement product The customer bears the cost of return if the specifications that has been received the conform To the specifications listed on the site.

-Allows returns all products except.